I am the worst- to stop saying this 10 times a day.

Last night I was eating dinner with friends, a little bit tipsy on honey brandy and apple cider, and I said, like I say many times: I AM THE WORST.

The girls reminded me that, I am not in fact the worse.

Most days I get dressed, I have a job, I am nice to people, and I smile. But the thing is I am really really hard on myself. Is it the fact that I am a Virgo? Does it have to do with the fact that my mom yells at me a lot, ( Laurie you don’t even know how to fold sheets properly!) Either way, most of the time I feel like I am failing at life. I always think there is something else I could be doing, something else that would be more productive.

With this kind of attitude, I could make a million New Year’s Resolutions. A million. Exercise. Breathe. Learn better French. Learn to cook more things. Stop smoking. Meditate. Start a business. Save money. Figure out your fiances. Get a boyfriend.

You get the picture.

Instead, I am going to make just one.


In fact, I am good at all kinds of things like reading real fast, and living in fiction worlds. Or shopping second hand, but always looking good. Like still acting like a child and getting real joy from comic books and gummy bears.

I could share some of this with you. I am an interesting lady. Right? Right!

So, I promise, to slowly try to get better, make a real effort, but mostly just start loving me for who I am.



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