money can be spent without guilt

I have never liked money. Since the time I got my first job at 14 or 15 (memory is not a strong point either) at McDonalds, I spend it just as fast as I can make it.

I am a 28 year old woman who has absolutely no savings account, no backup plan, and no emergency fund. Of course, as I was desperately trying to come up with ways to be a better person I was couch surfing and came across a show called “Maxed Out”. Usually I cover my ears and turn the channel as quick as possible to keep from listening to anything about money. But this time, I listened. It was probably only for 3 minutes, but I got one thing out of it. You should know where you spend your money. I don’t. I make enough that I can spend and live paycheck to paycheck without paying any attention.

So since January 1st I have been writing down where I spend my money. It’s refreshing and I am a little bit obsessed with it. So much, that, like everything¬† I do, in extreme highs and lows, I thought I am not going to do anything fun until like March. I can be a hermit, I can save.

That lasted about a week. Then last night I went out and had a couple glasses of wine. The thing is I am always going to have debt. But I can have “healthy debt” as a friend referred to it the other day. Debt for living your life, debt for having fun.

I am going to make more of an effort to know where my money is going, but I am going to still have fun, because we all need to live!

Not the Worst, Just a little bit better!


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