oh! Saturday morning.

I often wake up Saturday morning, and rather than enjoy the morning, with things that I like, like coffee, like reading, I almost immediately feel a pang of anxiety! Oh! But what I should do, how I should get organized. There are groceries to be bought, there are rooms to be cleaned, laundry to be done.

I want to learn to be able to let this go. I want to learn to be able to enjoy Saturday.

I don’t want to feel guilty for staying in my pajamas until 2 o clock, for doing exactly what I feel like doing.

How does one let go of their own feelings of insecurity? How do we learn to enjoy the moment, exactly what we are doing, for what it is?

I guess it is learning to be more mindful, learning to be aware of each and every moment as it presents itself, and being okay with just that moment.

That’s the goal for the day: be okay with whatever I decide to do, remember there is always Sunday, and not feel like the worst just for being lazy for the day!


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