25 things that make me unique

1. I think I am happier floating on my back in the ocean than anywhere else in the world. Any ocean.

2. Jeopardy is my favorite show. Ever. Someday I hope to be on it.

3.Someday I want to write a book, train dogs, paint, make jewelery, and play guitar. I keep telling myself I have lots of time to learn these things.

4. I have the best friends and family in the world. Without them I would be homeless and sad. Someday I will get everyone back.

5. I can probably drink more than you.

6. I love Fou May and sometimes think of her as a “furbaby”. Silly I know. I wish everyone could know her when she is at her best.

7. I once crashed my scooter in Taiwan and broke my face. I know I am lucky to have not got it worse.

8. I love religion. Studying religion. Thinking about it. Right now I am reading ” Don’t be Sad” the Muslim view on depression. Someday I want to get my Masters in comparative religious Studies.

9. Number 9 is my favorite number. I was born on 9/9. I will always pick 9 if given a chance.

10. I love to read. Anything. Newspapers, novels, comic books (Archies  forever), magazines, online blogs, textbooks. I will always absorb.

11. I want to go to all seven continents. Badly.

12. I think the best accent in the world is Irish.

13.I have had the same friends forever. At this point I know that means lifelong. Courtney is like a sister to me. I have known her since I was 7. She is too good to me, someday I will be too good to her.

14. I love pretending that I am a good rapper. When drunk. Or a good singer. On Rock Band.

15. I love all animals. Except cats, they kinda scare me. Everything else is magical.

16.My family lives in Yarmouth. Yeah. Yarmouth.

17. I love cheeseburgers more than the average bear. Same goes for candy.

18. Second hand shopping and sales are all I know. I hate paying full price for clothes. I only do it when forced.

19.I hate blowdrying my hair, showering and shaving my legs. I guess it’s my inner hippy.

20. I love my family. You have to love them to love me. I love going to drives with dad, drinking rum with Greg (not too much rum Greg), sitting around a campfire with my uncles or having one of my dads lovely sisters tell me stories.

21. Most movies from the 80’s and 90’s I have not seen. My family probably watched 1 movie a year while I was growing up.

22. I hate winter. I am a summer girl. Everything I like to do is in the summer. I have to take Vit D and force myself to walk Fou May to not get SAD.

23. Once I had to take my friend to the hospital after he got Macheted by gangsters in Taiwan.

24. I hate walking on anything slippery. Like wet rocks or ice. I am not very balanced.

25. I have bi-polar lifestyles. Sometimes all I want to go is drink smoothies and job and do yoga. Other times I want a beer and a cig. I need to pick a side.


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