things I feel guilty about at this moment

There are certain things that I am feeling really guilty about at this moment, and I have to get them out, at least a little bit, because they are about to choke me.

– I did not go to a co workers jewelry party. I did not go, because I am poor and anxious. But Bonus Super Awesome Sidenote- I called my grandmother instead, and we gossiped about my family.

– My dogs are super jerks who bark at the boxer upstairs and make him scared to death. He is much bigger than both of them, and I feel so bad because for some reason they hate him. And they are nice to all other dogs. It is like they feel they own him, like he is at their house. Actually, he was here before you 3 legged and short-legged dick fools.

– I keep making lists of jobs I want to apply for, and then not applying for them.

– I meant to save more money, to maybe actually go on a vacation, instead of just complaining about a vacation, but instead it drifts away, and I can’t remember where it went. They money that is.

– Sometimes, okay most of the time, I suck at getting back to people. I am sure there are two text messages and seven emails to get back to now. But sometimes I just can’t.

– I have a stack of essays to make in my purse, and I have had them there since Monday, and I can’t bring myself to take them out and just mark them.


now that those are gone, I am going to try to sit here and relax. You know, not choke on my own inadequacies for a moment.


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