Dream List

I couldn’t sleep last night, again, for a minute. For the first time in 4 days, it wasn’t all extreme sadness however. I believe that I deserve good things, and when I want, when I am ready, I can find love again. And oh! What a great love it will be. Or at least I can imagine. Perhaps it would be better to focus on the positive.

Anyways, I am not delusional, and I do not think that there is a perfect person for everyone, or that we would ever find it all. But here is what I want.

In no particular order:

someone who will read for me in bed, allow my dog in bed, laugh a lot, allow me to be super emotional, be okay with the fact that I demand a lot of attention, push me to do new things, make me want to be better, kiss me deeply, be a good lover, want to do it everyday, likes Fresh Prince, will make up stupid songs with me, will accept me for who I am, will want to meet my friends, will want to meet my grandmother, likes driving my car, likes walking my dog, likes cooking, likes drinking, enjoys candy, wants to see me smile, tells me I am pretty, small surprises mean a lot, will draw me bubble baths, will give me a massage, will rub my feet, will not get worked up when I get worked up, has a M to L, likes to teach me things, will challenge me.


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