The importance of being mindful.

You know I am known for being an emotional person. An over-reacter. A quick to get angry. A loud and impatient person. For a long time I have accepted these things as things that were wrong with me. Things that I had to accept about myself. But I realize that is not fair. We can all be better, and we can all work on the things in our personalities that are not shining. And it was like a light bulb went off in my head the other day. I can be better. But being better takes a plan, some work, some real time. But I am prepared to do it. And I think I can!

Things I want to work on/do (making a list to hold my self more accountable)

1- Think before I talk. Don’t be so quick to react, don’t get angry so easily.

2. Think about your actions, every action affects other people, not just you.

3. On the other hand, the world does not revolve around you. Not everything is always about you, and you need to cut people some slack.

4. Be more understanding. Take a deep breathe and look into someones eyes before you react.

5. Do more yoga, do more stretching, try to do some mediation.

6. Spend more time alone. Spend more time doing things for ME.

7. Ask people how they are doing. Write more letters, return more texts.


I can be better,

I guess we all can.




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