Writing Class

I have been taking a creative writing class with Donna Morrissey (of Kit’s Law fame) on Thursday nights for a couple of months now. The first week I thought I was sure to throw up all over the table when she asked me to read out loud, but each week it gets easier and easier and I have really learned a lot. We have little homework exercises each week. Here is Exercise 4 (a dialogue between two people).

twist my legs, one after another, crossing and uncrossing, nervously. Am I going to be allowed to go back and live with them, after this is over? Are they going to even speak to me again? All they know is that I have to leave university. Today. The secretary opens the door, to grab some papers from her filing cabinet. The door stays slightly ajar on her way back in and all of a sudden I realize I can hear them.

“Mr. Banks, as I am sure you know this is a very serious issue. Bullying, cyber bullying and girl on girl violence are all hot topics in the media now and we don’t condone our school being associated with it. We are going to ask Liss to leave the school immediately and to not connect any of her online presence with the university,” said the Dean.

“Dean, I am not really sure I understand what happened, Liss has not explained to us what really went on,” I can hear my father say in the high pitched voice he uses when he is nervous.

“She was drinking, but another girl was drinking even more heavily. They had a ‘naked panty fight’  spurred on by Liss, I hear, which was of course filmed, showed up all over the Internet, declaring Liss as the winner, the other girl as the loser. She was ridiculed so much, for her loss, her ‘large ass’ and her ‘saggy breasts’ as your daughter captioned the photo, that she tried to kill herself.”

All I can hear next is the sound of my mother choking back what sounds like wet tears trying to get out of her throat. I hang my head between my knees to try to stop myself from passing out. I push my nails into my arm to make sure I can feel it, that this is real.



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