I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings…. (Sweet Thursday)

This morning I woke up and finished “Sweet Thursday” (on a sweet Sunday morning) by John Steinbeck.

I am a big Steinbeck fan, and this sweet little novel did not disappoint. It was not as epic as say an, “East of Eden”, but it was a nice little romp. A story about the characters of people and the goings on around them. You found a lot of real life characters like you would find in a little sea side town, Hazel (intellectually challenged?!) hard-talking sweet loving Fauna, crazy Doc, tough Mack, and hard-worker sweet Suzy. I liked it, but it did not blow me away. I love Steinbeck’s way with lanuage and the way you read a line, and say, hey! That’s true!


***1/2 out of *****Image


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