The 158-Pound Marriage, or how open relationships keep invading my thoughts

I just finished reading “The 158-Pound Marriage” by John Irving yesterday. It is typical John Irving, weird, interesting characters, a good look into the world of intimate details, real life, marriages breaking at the seams. 

Two things left with me:

1- Does anyone have this much sex? Like would a couple in their 40s really be doing it, 5, 6 times a night? Makes me wonder what the hell I got going on.

2- Open relationships. Do they ever work? Do they work for some people? Would they work for someone like me? Is that something I even want? Is that something that people do successfully? Can people not be jealous? 

John Irving, again, with a quick witted book that will keep you hooked, and then let his sexual deviance crawl into your dreams and everyday thoughts. 


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