Book Review: “Not Wanted on the Voyage” by Timothy Findley

We discussed this book last night at book club.

It certainly was one to get me thinking. I was brought up Catholic. The kind of Catholic who went to church every Sunday and participated very much in church activities, never questioning, just doing. For me it was just something I did. Like brush my teeth.

Then I went to university and moved away from home, but I still went to church every Sunday on campus. I took a class that first year, intro to comparative religion. It really opened my eyes, it really made me start to question and try to understand some things about my religion, that I had never done before.

Needless to say, I stopped going to church. But I still get Catholic’s guilt. I guess it is in my blood.

This book is a retelling on the Genesis story about Noah and the ark. It was dark, and well written. It affected me. A lot. I couldn’t sleep sometimes. It really changed my idea about the whole story.

I used to think of it as a cartoon, everything happy happy happy on the ark going to the new world. But then when you think about it, I mean, really think about it. It is terrifying. You have these animals stuck in the dark without proper anything for a long time praying for it all to be over.

Noah is a dark, scary man, and now that I think back it all makes sense.

There are some disturbing scenes. But I think life was distributing back then.

Read it, then talk to me about unicorns. voage




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