Archetype by M.D. Waters – Book Review


Book: Archetype

Author: M.D. Waters: You can follow her on Twitter here:  and you should. She is very receptive, honest and real.

Copy: ARC from Penguin Canada

“Love is a myth.” (Waters, p.181)

Almost immediately upon starting Archetype I was reminded of Atwood or Orwell and other dystopian fictions that I have loved. I enjoy being immersed in a fully realized imaginary world and I respect and am amazed by the amount of imagination required by an author to create those worlds. I don’t think that Waters blew my mind with her creativity, but I was in a world that I felt comfortable in and which seemed very real.  I hoped that she would not rely too heavily on previously thought of ideas but it always stayed pretty fresh and had a lot of unique points. I really enjoyed this fast moving, always changing novel and I can’t wait for its sequel: Prototype (out in July 2014).

This book is set in an undefined future and an America that has been torn apart. Freedom, women’s rights, and fertility are issues at the forefront. Emma is a woman who wakes up and does not know who she is, or who she loves. She does not know how she got where she is or what is real. All through the book we have the voice of “Her” or “She” which is a voice in Emma’s head, almost a skewed conscience, telling her things that she is not sure if she should trust. Archetype is suspenseful and grabs you and keeps you right from the beginning. I love the topics that deal with women’s bodies and controlling them as it is something that has always been and still remains relevant to our time today. Abortion, women’s rights, reproduction, women being seen as property, what defines a “woman”; these are all things that we can connect to right now. I mean, we still live in a world where women in Saudi Arabia cannot travel without a male guardian and everywhere women change themselves to please others.

What I liked about this book is that I thought I had it figured out and then I didn’t have it figured out. I thought that I knew what was happening and that I could see where it was going but my predictions were proved wrong. There were always new twists and I kept thinking about the book for a long time after I had finished. I also wanted to read it very quickly, it was a real page turner. I really liked the voice of snarky “Her” and spent a while trying to understand where “Her” was coming from. I liked the switching back between the real story and the flashbacks and trying to figure out how it all connected.

I think M.D. Waters is a very smart writer because she combines a lot of elements into one book. It has a dystopian feel, a romantic/sexy feel, and also a mystery feel. There are a lot of elements but they do all work together to make one complete story. I was also really into the sex scenes, they were well written and inspiring. I enjoyed the sort of sexy danger feel, the temptation into something you don’t yet understand and probably shouldn’t do, but do anyway.

M. D. Waters is a sharp writer and the world that Emma lives in is well imagined and never easy. The emotions are complicated just like in real life. It is never easy to know who to trust.

All in all I was left wanting more, and I can’t wait for the sequel. It was exciting, sexy and made me think long after I turned the last page.

4.2/ 5 stars!


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