“The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet”- Book Review

This books has perplexed me. Almost the whole time I was reading it, I thought I did not like it, but then by the end, I was almost in tears and I all of a sudden cared about the whole thing.

David Mitchell is, I don’t know, a “good writer”. If you call using big words and having a complex story line a good writer. Which I guess, yes, yes we do.

But because the book is set in the late 1790’s early 1800’s in Japan when the Dutch have a trading post there, there are a lot of names and characters to keep straight.
Japanese names, Malay slaves, Dutchmen, Irishmen, Englishmen, woo eh!
I feel like I could read it again and take notes and maybe come out better for it.
There are just so many characters and details.

And perhaps it is just directed by my interests, but I did not really care about the war between England and the Dutch to get the port of Japan, nor trading deals, nor all the violence.

I liked the parts when we got to see the characters backgrounds, and of course the twisted love triangle.
I love me a love triangle.

The entire time I was reading it, I wanted to be finished.
And the the last like 20 pages were my favourite.Image


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