Book Review- The Orenda- Joesph Boyden

“The Orenda” is a book that tells the tale of Jesuits coming to Canada amid the fighting of two Native tribes in Canada: The Huran and the Iroquois. But is the threat now the third party the Jesuits?
How can all these souls fit into one country?

It tells a tale we might not have really thought about: The 17th century First Nations and European first contacts with each other and how hard it would be to understand who is the other.

I just finished reading “The Orenda” last night.
I can’t really decide how I feel.
I learned a lot. It challenged me a lot and I left it with a better understanding of some of the history of my country. But I did not really like it. And it made me sad. And uncomfortable. But sometimes that is what a book is supposed to do. Challenge you.

I feel like it was a big effort.
A huge effort that might have fallen a little bit too short.

I discussed with a friend on Twitter that we had hoped the female characters were a little bit more drawn out. They felt a bit flat, not fully rounded out and I wanted a little bit more from them.
I wanted them to be heroes, to come out happy and on their own. I wanted more from Gosling the whole time, she fascinated me.
I wanted a little bit more about how these people felt, their emotions the inside of them.

All in all, I thought it was a heavy book but a book people should read.
I don’t remember learning any of this in the history I studied in school.
And we all need to learn this story.

the oredna


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