Book Review- The Art of Racing in the Rain- Garth Stein

I have just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

I loved it.

I like when books grab me from the beginning and are fresh and have a different perspective and this certainly did.

It is told from the viewpoint of a dog.

And intelligent dog sure,

but still a dog.


Enzo is the dog of Danny, his man. Danny got Enzo when he was alone, but we watch Enzo watch him fall in love, get married, have a child, and more. But that’s all I am going to tell you about what happens to Danny for now.

I think if you like dogs, you should definitely read this, and maybe even if you don’t. It is well written, it makes you think about the life you have around you and it has some kind of magic to it. It talks about the roller coaster that is life, how life brings you up and down and how you never really know what is going to be around the next corner.

And all told through this amazing voice, the voice of this wonderful dog.

Touching and moving and heart-wrenching and hopeful.

4.5/5 stars.







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