I don’t know where to live. I don’t know the place. I often feel so hopeless, so stuck. I don’t understand how people can be happy where there are. Is it a mindset or a set of mind? Is it a way to just be and not think about where else you might be. I have lived, lived in other cities, I have lived in many places in my life. I go, I come, I go I come. If I have tried somewhere else, does that mean it is over?
I am frustrated with people who have money. People who can just travel as they please, come and go, look and see, turtle in and turtle out. I don’t understand. How come some people are like an anchor and can always stay, have to stay, have not choice but to stay and others like an airplane, flying away?

I don’t get it. I don’t feel it. Am I supposed to be in Greece? Smiling, with sand at my feet? Why did my ancestors ever come to this land? It is hard to get away now. It becomes impossible to leave when you never have enough money to get a seat on a plane.



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