“Prototype” by M.D. Waters- Book Review

Prototype M.D. Waters book review

Prototype is the second book in the M.D. Waters 2 part series, the first being Archetype which I received and reviewed months ago. Archetype just was re-released with a new beautiful paper-back cover on June 24th so if you have not read it everyone should pick it up! It makes a great summer read; think about it: you on the beach, fast-paced sci-fi action in your hand.

Archetype with new cover!


But let us go back to the subject at hand Prototype!

Prototype is certainly a page turner, I read it twice and I read it both times in a matter of days. It is difficult to put down, fast paced and exciting, I certainly give Waters that. We pick up in Prototype where Archetype left off, Emma, our daring protagonist is out trying to find her birth parents, and in a greater sense herself. I truly appreciate this complex character, how she is a strong, fearless person and does things on her own, scared of nothing and yet everything, not sure who to trust. But within the novel Emma learns to trust herself and accept herself for what she really is, Emma 1’s clone. However this time she is no longer living in the world as a clone of someone else, she is learning to find herself for who SHE really is.

Emma is out trying to find any information about her parents, when we find Declan, her ex-husband and owner of WTC (the training center for girls) is back on the scene, not dead as they had thought, and looking for her. She has nowhere to go but to return to the resistance with Noah, her ex- love as Emma 1 and someone she can not stop herself from thinking about, dreaming about and fantasizing about, who also happens to be the father of her daughter, Adrienne. The love and romance keeps you on the sexy edge of your seat for the whole novel. We still have a bit of the dangerous love triangle going on, this time with Emma, Noah and his girlfriend, Doctor Sonya, who certainly is not pleased to see Emma back again.

M.D. Waters crafts a moving story with enough action, passion and creativity to keep anyone entertained. I will certainly be passing my copies on, letting others share the battle with Emma as she struggles to be who she is, and who she is supposed to be.

A book for anyone I believe, sci-fi lovers, romance lovers, action lovers, and mystery lovers.

4/5 stars.


M.D. Waters Prototype New book cover

M.D. Waters
New book cover


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