Based on a True Story by Elizabeth Renzetti- Book Review

Based on a True Story is a great read for the summer!
It is saucy, fast moving and Augusta is the sort of character that is easier to take while you are sitting on the side of a lake.
That is because Augusta is so easy to hate. She is selfish, washed up, mean, rude, in your face, and a bit of  a drunk. But underneath all this, you are almost rooting for her to win,
even just a little, the whole time. Because there is just something about a character who is such a mess isn’t there?

This book really raised a lot of issues with me, with society in general, which in not something that I excepted.  Is everyone meant to be a mother? And those of us who aren’t, should we feel like it is something we have to do? And if we do have a child, must we step up and change who we are?

This novel is centered around Augusta, a washed up, English, middle-aged actress, someone who always has trouble with alcohol and drugs. She has left behind a partner who was always good to her, Ken, who I have a hard time understanding why she hates so much, and a son, Charles. She has been struggling to find a role to get her back onto the screen and stay sober long enough to remember to show up. She has also released a book with the help of a ghost writer that has put her back in the glimmer of the spotlight. Enter Frances Bleeker, a displaced Californian, who has been sent by her boss to write an article about Augusta’s book for the tabloid she works at. Frances sure is not the most secure creature, and together her and Augusta mix like oil and water. One floating on top, the other one barely noticeable.

Augusta has heard a rumour that her ex-lover,  Ken is writing a book about love. And she sure does not want her name in it. Ken lives in California now, not cloudy England but Augusta still can’t let him tarnish her (ahem) good name. So, she enlists the help of Frances, now; out of a job, and out of luck to accompany her to California.

And off they go, on their often very rocky adventure.

So settle in, buckle your seat belt and take off on a bumpy ride. The book is daring, the cover is pink, but most things never turn out perfect, so don’t make an assumption and take this book too lightly. You shouldn’t. It has got some serious punch.

based on a true story


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