“Interference” by Michelle Berry Book Review

Interference is published by ECW Press in Canada. 277 pages, $18.95

This is the kind of book that me me sad when the book ended, I wanted to know more about the characters, more about their messed up little, lonely lives. The writing gripped me and fascinated me the whole way through.

But I suppose that is the way the world works, we catch a glimpse into someone’s life, and then we lose them. We forgot to make the call, we let things slip by and then you catch yourself wondering just how they might be doing, but far too much time has gone by to do anything about it.

Interference is like taking a glimpse into the underbelly of one particular neighbourhood in Ontario, which could very well be any neighbourhood  in the suburbs, in Canada. Characters and stories intermingle and we get a telescopic view into mindsets of these people. Berry does a good job of moving between characters but not losing the story.

Interference has got something for everyone; the quiet teenager angry at life and his moms’ cancer, the runaway from a bad marriage with her young daughter in tow, the scar faced man who has never felt understood and the ladies trying to learn to skate for the ladies hockey league. All silently moving through life and seasons. All intermingling and inter-crossing in amazing yet lonely ways. Lonely in that they never really connect the way you want them to. You want to push the character and tell them to tell the others how they are feeling, how things really are going. Because then perhaps they would not be so damn lonely.

One of the unusual features is handwritten letters, typed emails and notes from the principle peppered through the novel. I liked that, it makes everything seem so real.

I love the pointed, conversational way that it is written and how the characters are so real and understandable. I immediately connected to Tom and Claire and Becky, the self-doubt, mind-racing thoughts constantly rolling through their head. The way that you can see into the characters’ heads in this very unique way is my favourite thing about Berry’s writing. You feel like you actually get to take a look into an odd suburb, a neighbourhood that you always drive by has the windows and doors wide open.



Excellent book 4.5/5 stars



3 thoughts on ““Interference” by Michelle Berry Book Review

  1. I snagged this at a book swap, knowing nothing about it, not even realizing it was an advance copy, and am really looking forward to it now! I just love the cover, too.

  2. “We forgot to make the call, we let things slip by and then you catch yourself wondering just how they might be doing” – why ?

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