The Word Exchange Alena Graedon


I liked this book, it was almost a love letter to words and books, which I can appreciate so much.

I am an old soul, I hate e-readers and wish everyone still read books, looked at each other more and stuck up small talk conversations.  Looks like Graedon feels the same way I do, with her first novel The Word Exchange. 

The book has a lot of good, a sentiment I can keep behind and some very stunning parts. But overall the story is a little lacking, and the writing can be clunky.

It starts with Ana’s father going missing and people starting to come down with “the word flu”, a disease where speaking becomes difficult, and makes you very sick. It is a fast romp of a story and has a very intersting story line but in the end, it just didn’t hold me.

3.4/5 stars.


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