Angry Day Poem

I am having a very bad day.

Consumed in feelings of jealously and rage. Wondering how the hell I ever got to this place and how I am not on the same page.

Twelve years ago drinking and having fun with my friends, no one owned houses then and I forgot it would all end.


But I remember now. I feel the etchings burning in my brain remembering every second how little I have and how no houses will be coming my way.


Should I have worked harder and tried to find a different life?

Should I have flirted more and wore low cut shirts and tried to be a fancy rich wife?

Would it be better to have relied on a man

And never learned to take my own stand.

I should have never traveled across the world on my own, perhaps I should have never taken a student loan.

Occasionally I feel like what’s the point, what’s the deal?

I should have been a dumb girl and learned how to steal.

Where has being kind and always giving it my all

Gotten me except into a little ball?

Why always volunteer, why always be nice,

I am further behind than most assholes twice.


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