Collections   My mother collects my conformities like tokens. She puts them in her purse to tell her friends about later. Things like how I finally got a real boyfriend, or that I bought a pair of dress pants from a real store.   I used to wish she cared more about my non-conformities, could […]

Confrontation Station

Upon reflection of confrontation, I realize it makes me want to run and hide, behind a curtain of my own paralyzing self-doubt. Not wanting to be too loud or unladylike, makes me question the feminist mindset of my mother’s generation and what percentage it ran at. Although I suppose it was harder to gain resources […]


Each day is a day you can change. They say. The memes, the Twitter re-tweeters, the fashion and fitness magazines. The painting with the quote on top. Change is difficult when most change requires money, or as I think about it, almost all things require money. Real change means to the masses new clothes and […]