Intolerable- Book Review by Kamal Al-Solaylee

This book was shortlisted for the 2015 Canada Reads Prize. This book is part memoir, part history of the Arab world and part coming out story. But it never feels dull. He explains so much about the Middle East, but the whole time I was learning I was yearning to know more. I just finished […]

And the Mountain Echoed- Book Review

I am someone who works and advocates with immigrants and refugees and who strongly believes that all people deserve a home, a place where they feel safe. Perhaps that is why I was so intrigued and pulled into Khaled Hosseini’s “And the Mountains Echoed” appealed to me so. Khaled Hosseini himself came as a political […]

“Watch How We Walk” by Jennifer LoveGrove – Book Review

Watch How We Walk- Jennifer LoveGrove- ECW Press- 315 pages- 2014 Emily is often consumed by guilt, it eats her, it keeps her awake, it haunts her in her small apartment, and I can understand her. As someone who was raised in a religious family herself (to some extent) I often joke about the old […]

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd- Book Review

Ever since I was a young girl and I read about the Underground Railroad, I have been interested in the history of slavery. It has dictated a lot of my reading and studying. It pains my soul, hurts to read and makes breathing difficult. But it happened. And it is something that we owe the […]

“Playing with Matches” Book Review

Playing with Matches is written by Suri Rosen, published by ECW Press, September 2014, 248 pages In Playing with Matches I expected to find a typical YA novel. What I received was so much more; a novel deep in mystery, humour, kindness and mysticism. Based in Toronto, via way of New York, Raina Resnick is a […]