A Familiarity for Lilacs

A Familiarity for Lilacs (The Refreshment) It was almost like we were real lovers today. No, not at all; that’s not what I meant; we have always been like real lovers. Today, it had a bit of tenderness to it, a certain amount of familiarity. They say familiarly is the anchor that will crush down […]

Happy Poetry Month

Join my on my journey and I attempt to write a bit of poetry everyday, I do apologize for not being on the ball yesterday, but I had a migraine and I just could not do it. I also will be reading as much poetry as possible. I took two books out yesterday from the […]

Come Back Dear Sun- Children’s Book Review

I recently decided to review my first children’s book, Come Back Dear Sun by Geena Bean, Illustrated by Cheri Webber and I think I chose a good one to start with! Come Back Dear Sun is a delight, a good lesson for children and has wonderful illustrations. I don’t have children of my own, but I […]