Collections   My mother collects my conformities like tokens. She puts them in her purse to tell her friends about later. Things like how I finally got a real boyfriend, or that I bought a pair of dress pants from a real store.   I used to wish she cared more about my non-conformities, could […]

Confrontation Station

Upon reflection of confrontation, I realize it makes me want to run and hide, behind a curtain of my own paralyzing self-doubt. Not wanting to be too loud or unladylike, makes me question the feminist mindset of my mother’s generation and what percentage it ran at. Although I suppose it was harder to gain resources […]

“Playing with Matches” Book Review

Playing with Matches is written by Suri Rosen, published by ECW Press, September 2014, 248 pages In Playing with Matches I expected to find a typical YA novel. What I received was so much more; a novel deep in mystery, humour, kindness and mysticism. Based in Toronto, via way of New York, Raina Resnick is a […]

Book Review: “We are Water” by Wally Lamb

I am a Wally Lamb fanatic, I have read and loved all of his books. They are just so large, and so involved and make me feel like I have digested something worthwhile. We are Water was no exception. From the first few pages I knew I was going to fall deep. The characters are […]

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen- Review

Some people love Jonathan Franzen and some people hate him. Some people sort of race through his book without deciding if they love him or hate him but understanding that he is an excellent writer. And that person is me. This is my second Franzen book, the first being “Freedom” and both times I have […]