Being stuck in a place where I am not satisfied is like always burning a fire, inside your own throat, allowing the ashes to scatter down to your heart. Always constantly comparing yourself to others is like dark poison that you are injecting into your own brain. You are stabbing yourself in the back. You are […]

Sitting in a Conference Hall Listening to a Lecture on Grammar

I’m in the same room as an ex-lover. And I can feel his smooth shoulders, from three tables over pushing down on me. I’m suffocating, I’m back; lost among the crumbled sheets, was it possibly four years ago? I can’t remember anything with clarity, greyness has clouded my vision. I’ve forgotten the colours of black […]

A Familiarity for Lilacs

A Familiarity for Lilacs (The Refreshment) It was almost like we were real lovers today. No, not at all; that’s not what I meant; we have always been like real lovers. Today, it had a bit of tenderness to it, a certain amount of familiarity. They say familiarly is the anchor that will crush down […]